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In our youth, we often do things that turn out to cause problems later in life. This conduct can, and often does, include drinking alcohol while underage. This, in turn, frequently leads to the arrest and conviction of a minor for the offense of minor in possession. A conviction, however, may cause the minor to encounter difficult and embarrassing situations or time-consuming delays, such as joining the military, enrolling in educational classes, securing loans, or obtaining employment.

If you have been convicted of possession of alcohol while a minor and have not received any subsequent alcohol-related contacts or convictions, contact a St. Louis MIP Expungement attorney today to determine if you qualify for removal and expungement of the MIP conviction.

If you meet the qualifications for expungement, we will file a petition for expungement with the court where the sentence was imposed and present the evidence to the court at a hearing in a manner that best ensures you will get the requested relief. Upon a finding that the statutory requirements have been met, the court will order all agencies with a record of the arrest and conviction to destroy the information. The purpose of the expungement process is to restore persons with such convictions to the position they held prior to the incident and as if the arrest and conviction never took place.

If a conviction for minor in possession is continuing to cause you embarrassment, preventing you from obtaining employment, or having other negative effects in your life, you should contact a St. Louis MIP Expungement attorney at the Whiteley Law Firm today to determine if it can be permanently expunged from your record.