St. Louis Expungement Attorney

Expungements of Criminal Records and Convictions

Recent amendments to Missouri law have expanded the list of criminal convictions which can be permanently expunged from someone's criminal record. Prior to these changes, only a conviction for driving while intoxicated or minor in possession of alcohol could be expunged; however, now convictions for some non-violent felonies and misdemeanors can also be expunged from a Missouri criminal record.

Some examples of the convictions which can now be expunged include offenses involving checks, credit cards, burning , property damage, trespass, gambling, peace disturbance, and public drunkenness. Contact a St. Louis Expungement attorney at the Whiteley Law Firm today to determine if you qualify for an expungement of your felony or misdemeanor conviction.

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In order to have a conviction expunged under the new law, you must meet all eligibility requirements, which include completion of the sentence, waiting period, no additional convictions, and full payment of restitution, if applicable. Additional, more stringent, requirements must also be met before a court can grant a petition for expungement.

Our experienced St. Louis Expungement attorney will review your situation in order to determine if you are eligible and present the evidence in court in a manner that best ensures you will get the requested relief.

If a conviction continually causes you embarrassment, prevents or obstructs gainful employment, or negatively affects your life in some degree, it is in your best interest to contact an expungement lawyer in St. Louis today to determine if the conviction can permanently be expunged from your record.