Kevin Whiteley Successfully Obtains Expungement of Arrest Record


Attorney Kevin Whiteley recently secured the expungement of a 23-year old felony arrest record in St. Charles County, Missouri.

The law firm was initially contacted by a man living in the Kansas City area who stated that he had been arrested in his youth and never charged with a crime. He further explained that he learned about the record of his arrest when it nearly prevented him from obtaining a permit to carry a firearm. While the arrest record did not have any undesirable consequences this time, the man wanted to prevent such possibility from occurring in the future.

Kevin Whiteley obtained the necessary documents in the case and determined that it met the statutory criteria for an expungement in Missouri. Soon thereafter, on behalf of the client, a petition for expungement of the arrest record was filed.

On the scheduled hearing date, after proper notice was provided and the statutory time period had elapsed, none of the defendants appeared in court. Therefore, the law firm requested and obtained a default judgment and order of expungement of the arrest record.

While the client in this successful case did not suffer any consequences of his arrest; there may be times when even a mere arrest - even without a conviction - will cause irreparable damage later. If you have ever been arrested and either no charges were filed or they were later dismissed, you may be entitled to the expungement of the arrest record. Contact Kevin Whiteley today and let him assist you in clearing your name.

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